The West Coast Electric Highway is a collaboration between Oregon, California, and Washington, to build a network of DC Fast-Charging (DCFC) stations located every 25-50 miles from the U.S. border with Canada to the U.S. border with Mexico. This initiative promotes the use of cleaner fuels along the Pacific Coast and provides EV drivers with “range confidence.” The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) manages the Oregon segment of this network, and has overseen the deployment of DCFC around the state.

The network currently extends to 44 communities in Oregon and covers over 90% of the population with DC fast charging, with each station including one DC fast charger and one Level 2 charger. The network covers the entirety of the two main North-South corridors in Oregon, U.S. 101 (the entire Oregon Coastline, all 363 miles has fast chargers along the way through the network) and Interstate 5 (from the WA border to the CA border for over 300 miles), as well as the corridors connecting these two major transportation veins.