Vermont currently has an average of 2.5 public charging stations available for every 10,000 light duty vehicles, a per capita availability higher than California’s and almost as high as Oregon’s.

A grant program developed by the Agency of Natural Resources and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development provided matching grants to build more 25 municipal publicly accessible charging stations in designated downtowns.

The Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is installing 12-14 Level 1 outlets at various Park and Rides on Interstate 91. PHEVs will be able to charge at these outlets for no cost. As the technology for Level 3 charging improves, reducing the cost and increasing compatibility for all EV models, VTrans will explore installing Level 3 at Park and Rides.

Vermont and Quebec, through public-private partnerships, are collaborating on a “Green Corridor” to create accessible EVSE for travelers between Montpelier and Montreal. Plans include extending to Boston.